Veterinarian Services Offered at Our Upper West Side Manhattan Center

Westside Veterinary Center is here to make sure you have access to the veterinarian services you need in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. We take care of our patients, and we have a comprehensive list of services. Please learn more about what we offer below and contact us to schedule a time to visit. 

List of our veterinary clinic services 

Emergency services – Our practice offers emergency vet services, so we can best respond to your pet’s needs. Please contact our office if you’re experiencing an emergency situation with your pet, and we will give you directions on the next steps to take. We make accommodations during our office hours and can assist you in finding help if we are not open. 

Annual wellness pet examinations – The annual wellness examination is your pet’s yearly checkup. Our experienced team will take the time to examine your pet and note any changes in their condition. If any problems come up, this allows us to treat them earlyand it’s also a great time for you to ask us any questions you may have about their care.  

Vaccinations  We can administer all the standard vaccinations, including rabies, right here at our office. Our knowledgeable veterinarians are also happy to discuss what vaccinations make the most sense for your pet. We understand different animals may have different needs. 

Dentistry – Our dentistry services range from teeth cleaning to teeth pulling, depending on what your pet may need. Just like in humans, regular dental care is an important part of your pet’s overall health care. We are also happy to instruct you how to brush your pet’s teeth at home if you like! 

Spay and neuter  Spaying or neutering your pet is healthy for them. We can do both of these important procedures here at our Center. Please get in touch with us to find out the age recommendations for your companion animal. 

Flea and tick treatments – Westside Veterinary Center recommends flea and tick prevention medications to help keep your pet protected against flea infestations and diseases that can be carried by insects, such as Lyme disease.  

General medicine – From basics like nail clipping to treating ear infections, we provide general veterinary services for animals of all kinds. We’re here to talk with you about your pet’s diet, exercise needs, and anything else you would like to discuss.  

Laboratory services – Our Center has access to a full laboratory where we can run tests whenever needed as part of our veterinary care. From simple urinalysis tests to full blood panels, we can handle it all. 

Pharmacy  Whether you need heartworm preventative for your dog or you have to get a prescription filled, our pharmacy is here to serve your every need. We stock all basic and many specialty medicines right here on site for your convenience. 

Specialists, including acupuncture, orthopedic surgery, ultrasound, radiology, and endoscopy – Our veterinarians are not just generalists here at Westside Veterinary Center; we also have specialty areas so we may provide a full range of services right here at our practice. Whether you need an X-ray for your pet or acupuncture treatment, we can take care of it. 

Hospitalization – Should your pet require surgery or any other type of involved care, we can provide hospitalization care for them afterward. Rest easy knowing your pets are in good hands with our team. 

Exotic pet services – Whether your pet is an amphibian, reptile, bird, or fish, we are here for you. Westside Veterinary Center takes patients of all kinds! We cater to exotic pets and have several vets on staff who specialize in caring for these animals. 

Senior pet care – As pets age, their needs change. This is something we are aware of at our Center, and we are happy to help you learn more about how to take good care of your aging pet. Our senior care services include dietary advice, exercise recommendations, and more. 

Microchipping – Get your pet microchipped so you have peace of mind! We use a simple procedure to insert a microchip into your pet’s skin, so if they should ever become lost, there is a way to reconnect with them. 

Travel and health certifications – Our Center can provide you with any travel or health certifications. Please contact us prior to your trip to arrange for the necessary certifications. 

Boarding – You can board your pets with us if you’ll be going out of town. We will take care of them like our own!

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